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Computer engraving machine 2017
Item No.:DT-904
Product:Computer engraving machine 2017


Product description

Input voltage:220V

Output power:500W
Spindle speed:24000r/min
Function:the new style of Computer engraving machine from 2017 used high quality screw rod and die spindle motor,it has 
high accuracy and fast speed in the process of this machine production.The machine  engrave a variety of precious gemstones conveniently and efficiently.Machine is configurated standard  needle instrument,when the needle are broken in the process of production that will keep a automatic trimming correction so that all kind of things can stay the same,such as the height of needle and the height of twice carving.The hand shank can make process more convenient and efficient,because you just need to copy the finished needle pathway to the U disk and insert handle shank that can be used without computer.Easy to operate, multiple machines can reduce the use of the number of computers and machines to use the site.The machine can avoid noise and dust effectively when increasing 12mm inspissate glass insulative dust cover.

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