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Adjustable speed carving machine
Item No.:DT601-2
Product:Adjustable speed carving machine


Product description
Input voltage: 220V
Output power: 90W
Spindle speed: 40000r / min
Dimensions: 210 * 70 * 80mm
Weight: 5kg

Function: adjustable speed carving machine is a kind of electronic control speed engraving machine. The machine handle is strong and used common machine chuck, the replacement of different chucks, you can use different models and different rods of the tool needle which is easy to use and strong versatility. The machine speed can be used according to the stepless speed regulation, combined with the advantages of electronic gong machine and gong machine, to avoid the same gong machine with the same replacement of the hose, but also to avoid the electronic gong machine can only use small Rod tool shortcomings.
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