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Constant temperature oven
Item No.:DT804-1
Product:Constant temperature oven


Product description
Power supply voltage: 220V
Heating power: 2KW
Fuse specifications: 15A
Dimensions: 670 * 730 * 1000mm

Function: This constant temperature oven with shell made of high quality cold-rolled plate, the surface is sprayed, and its modeling novel which is beautiful and generous. The interior is made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet. Box door inlaid with high temperature silicone, good sealing, to prevent the loss of heat. Digital display studio temperature, easy to observe, easy to read. The upper side of the studio set exhaust valve, the work process can be heated at any time to release the moisture discharged from the box outside. Very suitable for small batch processing gem products, can be continuous high temperature work, the maximum temperature up to 300 ℃.
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