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Ultrasonic gem automatic carving machine 4800W
Item No.:DT410
Product:Ultrasonic gem automatic carving machine 4800W


Product description
Main Parameter:
Working frequency:15kHz-20kHz
Drilling Depth:0-50mm
Drilling diameter:0.6-20mm
Carving size:≥12CM/≥18CM

Function:The ultrasonic gem machine operate easily for carving. Featured as high processing speed and low fault rate. Apply auto track frequency protection, the overload protection minimize the machine fault rate. There are several types as: 1200W ultrasonic gem drilling machine, 1500W ultrasonic gem drilling machine,2000W ultrasonic gem auto drilling and carving machine, 2500W ultrasonic gem auto drilling and carving machine,4800W ultrasonic gem auto carving machine.

The 1200/1500W ultrasonic gem drilling machine, featured with high drilling speed and low fault rate.

The 2000W ultrasonic gem auto drilling and carving machine, with high drilling speed and also can used for carving, adopt auto track frequency protection, and overload protection to lower the machine fault rate. Stable in usage, easy to change for carving head for gemstone carving function, auto adjust power base on overload condition.

The 2500W ultrasonic gem auto drilling and carving machine, is a comprehensive type, wide usage, easy adjustment,adopts advanced frequency tracking and overload protection, the machine automatically adjust the power output according to different load quantity, in order to achieve the best power output condition.Working stably, adjust convenient, can work for 24 hours without stop, good protection, automatic detection and real-time detection of status in the process of production, through the indicator light display machine status in time, and the personel can adjust frequency to achieve the best effect. The wide carving range, with Max. 120mm carving head, high processing speed, and drilling is achieved after changing the drilling head.

The 4800 w ultrasonic engraving machine is professional to undertake large size gems carved. Processing range is big which can reach to 180 mm diameter head carving, Its processing speed is fast which has relatively high efficiency to hand-carved. Carved products can be according to the demand for mass production and processing.

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