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laser engraving machine

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The model:3020

The power:300W

Carving Area:20cm*30cm

carving speed:1-300mm/s

cutting speed:1-10mm/s

carving object:nonmetallic meterial,such as gemstone,crystal glass,cloth,leather,wood,rubber plate ,etc.

Function:The laser power supply adopt high pressure pack because of good stability and long life;The mainboard of power supply has so high-quality and multifunction and high-stability characteristic that can be lengthened a long life.The laser tube adopt high-stability and long-lifetime and enclosed CO2 laser device from Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences which possessing small spot and enough power.The plotting instrument adopt aluminium profile of guide rail which has a wear resistance characteristic.The machine adopt imported belt that can ensure the precision and adjustment uses the thickened and reinforced housing that will be more reasonable.


1.Seal used for non-metallic meterial,such as: horn seal,wood seal, The red plastic seal, organic glass seal,atom seal,rubber plate for printing,etc.

Seal of shape:round, square,oval,bar-type.

2. Suitable for small area handicraft processing,it can carve all kinds of shapes and words on double color plate,wood plate, bamboo chip, density board, perspex sheet, cloth,etc.

3. It can engrave name, model, mark and pattern on electronic components.

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