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Knowledge required for begin jade collection

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The heat of the jade market not deduced, the jade collection force is increasing rapidly, so before the jade
collection, jade investment expert from Bobao treasure net introduced, people should have certain knowledge of
jadeite then go for jade investment, and also need to have a certain understanding of the category.

We now often see jade ornaments that made from gold inlaid jade ring surface type of ring, earrings, necklaces,
bracelets;While from the qing dynasty to the period of the republic of China, the common jade ornament is court
beads, feathered pipe, a jade ring, dragon hook, besshi, bracelets, rings, pendants, tables bars, snuff bottle.


Any quality collection comes from understanding and professional

1.The court beads: court beads is the qing dynasty minister wearing jewelry for go to court, is the most grand ornament, there's pearl court beads, coral beads, amber beads and so on, the jade court beads is composed of 108 jade beads, the good quality jade court beads is matched normally with double pink tourmalines, spectacular in beauty.Quality jade court beads is very precious, the complete set is only stay at the Palace Museum and not avial at the international and domestic market.It is said that in 1995 Hong Kong auction, a jade necklace is taken from a set of the court beads, which is composed of 27 jade round bead, sold at hk $33 million, it's highest level of single jade jewelry at that time.I had seen a good tourmaline, was left by the most eminent family in the late qing dynasty, jade body (108 emerald bead) have been sold, leaving 30 tourmaline memorial and 3 tourmaline drop angle.The tourmaline is in the pink color, each bead is glittering and translucent, the whole court beads might be spectacular.
2. A jade ring: firstly it's the practical appliance, when archery bow to use a jade ring armguard.When it came to the qing dynasty gradually evolved into pure ornaments, from the emperor to the minister, all prefered a jade ring, to show that they donot forget fighting skills.A jade ring have poems, landscape,figures,and so on, the whole set is of fine work, to convey feeling and ideas.When chatting, appreciate each other, a jade ring review about each other, also became a kind of very elegant pastime.Divide by materials, includes gray jade, white jade, tourmaline, ivory, agate, jade,etc, among which the jade material is the most precious.The finest jade don't need carve, entirely rely on jade natural color itself, texture, design.At the time a jade ring of good quality is equal to a large amount of money, such as a few small house.So good things now is rare to see.Fortunately we auction in 1996, and received a jade ring,thick enough, 2.6 cm in diameter, 3.1cm in height,with good tolerance, bright-coloured in whole set, finish deal at ¥990000 at that time.It's hard to view a second of the same kind.
3.The feathered pipe: used as peacock feathers of hat top for officials in the qing dynasty, different peacock feather indicate distinctive rank, the feathered pipe became the very important identity sign, a jade ring and feathered pipe together called “Pull Ling”, is the most decent gift.In recent years, good feathered pipe is rare of domestic market, only HanHai sold 1996 a high green feathered pipe, sell at about ¥800000.
4. Dragon hook: it's a kind of clothes hook, like buckle that is the waist utensil of lace-up.One side carve as dragon, the other side as “chi tiger”,In the 1980s, the jade dragon hook sells well, may be the prominent theme of the dragon, and unique sculpt.People prefer to use dragon hook as desk decoration,equiped with the wooden seat at the bottom, very imposing.Buckles is like dragon hook function, is composed of two pieces of emerald jade.
5. Table bar: the middle of jade table bar often inlay a gold clasp, to fasten a pocket watch, sometimes with jade table below.A good jade table bar is much precious than pocket watch.The Palace Museum collection also has a complete set of jade table bar and table drop.
6. Hairpin: phyletic and varied in form, such as butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas, crabs, bats, spiders, katydid, all sorts of animals, and such as bergamot, ganoderma lucidum, etc all kinds of flowers and plants, decorative auspicious patterns, and rare style depicting the dragon.Auction in Hong Kong a few years ago a jade dragon hairpin, according to the auction house,queen but also with phoenix hairpin, and using the dragon hairpin is only the empress dowager cixi, so the hairpin is likely to be used by the empress dowager cixi.It is a pity that hairpin is of normal quality, and pricing is high, remember the final deal is not very ideal.
7. Signet: speaking of jade signet, stay out of a pair of unforgettable signet.In the summer of 1997, came an old couple looking for me, both not high, the old man have fan in hand, wordless, the old lady speak Beijing dialect, can say in a strong view.They opened the handkerchief bag,revealing a red and green signet: emerald green is jade, four square column shape, four sides without working, the top is cloud grain button;Red is the tourmaline, cylindrical, on top is a lion.Size is small and cute, exquisitely carved.The old lady said, “this is the old thing stay at home, now want to sell out, can sell a 20000yuan would be satisfied.Viewing the signet, emerald green color is very bright, kind of a transparent, tourmaline for double peach, perfect bright, very clean,hardly any problem on two things.I said floor price is low, because the value of things is more than 20000yuan.Under the consultation, appraisal for 60000-90000yuan, two old people are satisfied and left.The pair of signet showed at the autumn sales in Hong Kong in 2001 again.
8. Snuff bottle: jadeite snuff bottle is a relatively special type, the finest raw materials with good workmanship is a great price to sell.Specials often saw at auction in the final.
9. Furnishing articles: furnishing articles is the big category except jewelry, can be divided into the variety of vessel, fan, characters, animals, plants and so on several major categories.But as a collection project, there's few to purchase jade furnishing articles as collection.In fact,it is often said that the four national treasure include jade furnishing articles.Furnishing articles include lots of variety, the sun, mountains, rivers, clouds, trees,houses,Bridges, ships, fairy, deities, mortal, flowers and plants,animals and worms, deserve to go up against poetry subject, has become a solid ink painting.Therefore the jade furnishing articles fully inherited the tradition of jade culture in China over thousands of years,and follow the message startof the song dynasty “figure will deliberately,meaning auspicious”.
10. Old-style mosaic jewelry:jade ring usually for saddle ring;Other jewelry inlaid with gold,comparing with modern jewelry,metal for larger proportion,and matched with pearls, tourmaline.
11. The modern inlaid jewelry: jade is carve to oval egg shape, or square, rectangle ring surface, similar to grade of western jewelry,which with diamond
gem foil, win by the beauty of jade material itself.
12. Bead chain, may be the bead chain evolved by the court beads, which comes with grand noble flavor.Modern society, a string of jade beads is the most noble temperament of decorations to behave women, it is no wonder that in recent years, the price of jade bead chain frequently in millions, always in the highest level of jade jewelry.Bead chain and bracelet is the two kinds of the highest price in jade jewelry, the reason is that the two kinds decorations of the highest demand for raw material: the raw materials should in large scale, color should be uniform, crack and impurities are not allowed. A single ring surface meet this requirement is not easy, let alone a large piece of material, so the best bracelet, bead chain priced in more than tens of million.
13. Bracelets: also called "bangle".Since the bracelet is the only jewelry that not changed by the qing dynasty of the processing method, ways to wear.The most exquisite bracelet is the green jade bracelet.There is a green, if good inside, is also valuable.There is bare land with two color as color of red,green, called "fu lu shou".And there's a purple bracelet, called "violet".If there's the purple and green, called "spring with the color".
14. Flower pieces: the so-called flower pieces is jade pendant, also called besshi. Said before as jade pendant, qing dynasty is called besshi, now called flower pieces.The Book of Ritesspeak the gentleman will wear jade of the ancient, and walk around with different voice, a man wearing on the waist,women wear in the chest. Before qing, nephrite jade is for jade pendant.People in qing dynasty, fashion to wear sachet, wallets, tied to a jade pendant, pin on belt, therefore, called besshi in qing dynasty, and began to produce vast jade besshi.Now in the Palace Museum, we can see at palace collection of highest grade Jade besshi.Besshi is with a lot of theme, among which the Long-Bi is of more court features, in addition to the common themes as“have a surplus for years”, carved lotus (lotus), carp(surplus), some with child on the carp,“ Fu to the heart”, carve ganoderma ruyi (spirit), bat (blessing);“happiness and longevity”,carve bat (blessing), peach (life);“Hou immediately”, carving a horse(horse), a monkey(hou);“Double huan”, carved two end to start badger (joyfully);“Sons of ten thousand generation,” carve gourd, Mosaic, tendril branch, get the gourd seeds (child), tendril and the harmonics meaning with ten thousand;At the“ three cold-weather friends ”, carve pine, bamboo and plum. In April 2004 at a Beijing auction, there is a good jade besshi“three cold-weather friends”.This besshi is very thick, bold color and very pleasing, kind of a delicate, light and transparent, inside white cotton faintly visible.Use opportunely green color, thick green bamboo leaves, side, bottom and top are bamboo pole plum pile and pine pole.Positive and reverse side with a lot of space, enjoy the beauty of beauty of jade quality, and in defect space, carve the plum blossom, pine needles, forming perfect arts and crafts.Although this besshi is a new work, but the material and the craft is good, it's also the rare treasures,valued at 400000 to 500000yuan.Besshi in modern times, in addition to some men still wear it on the waist, most people are used to hang around on the neck.Because these jade besshi always have floral designs, the expert call it as flower pieces, which is the most hotsale type in present market.The most common type is kuan Yin, Buddha, Chinese zodiac, peace buckle, passepartout,bottle gourd, ganoderma lucidum ruyi, lotus leaf, bamboo, dragon, magpie stepping on the plum, bamboo, dragon, three cold-weather friends, blessing in front,etc.Often hear “the men wear guanyin female Buddha”, but not only that, often have many men wear Buddha, also have lady wearing guanyin, there is no limitation.Bobao jade expert comments: jade can carve into the mannered surface, like a gem with precious metal inlays for modern jewelry, and can match with diamond gem.It is ancient and nowaday,east and west, this is the manifestation of the vitality. The 21st century is open to jade, is a collection and ornamental investments.

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