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Procedure required of making round bead

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When you walk into the shop to see those beautiful round pearl jewelry, have you ever wondered how are they turned from

a mundane stone into a beautiful glittering and translucent round bead?Now to explain some methods:

The original stone was cut into small cube.(as shown in figure 1)

                                     Figure 1

Then put cube into chamfering machine for processing, and polish the corner of the cube.(as shown in figure 2)


                                       Figure 2

●After the cube was chamfered off the corner,put into the round bead milling machine,after the processing it's the almost round bead.(as shown in figure 3)


                                                     Figure 3

Finally put into bead milling high precission machine for processing, came out the workblank of round bead.(figure 4)


                                                    Figure 4

                           The processed workblank of round bead



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