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Six key points for jade identification

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Since the market with the jade product, the consumer is foucus more and more on jade, the person who like jade are numerous, but why jade sales cannot rank top of the market.With this doubt, we can analysis: natural jade resources now became rare, the price also growing rapidly, driven by benefit, individual business people attract consumers with low price. Normally this kinds of price does not conform to the market, mostly with some fake jades that similar to jade, the most common is water jade, dongling jade, Malay jade, etc; Or processing bad quality jadeite into “bleaching and filling glue jades” (commonly known as B goods) and “chromatic jadeite (commonly known as C goods)”as natural A cargo emeralds jade. Here are 6 simple skills to share about identify jade true and false:

(1) Touch: if it is real jade, the hand will have the feeling of cold and smooth.
(2) Look: to the light observation, view the crystal transparency, internal structure, gloss, etc.
(3) Lick: lick the real jade feel acerbity, whereas false jade doesnot.
(4) Listen: real jade is ringing, artificial jade is bored.With two small string tied with jade, to collide with each other.
(5) Measure:mainly to measure hardness.On the basis of glass plate,except the jade,turquoise, usually produce streaks on the glass,the jade itselfintact.False jade is soft, stay still with the glass.

(6) Smile: real jade has no special smell, with the smell of burnt food is the false jade, some imitated jade made by jade powder,grind two jades and smell it.

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