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Filial respect present, Jade foster person

Author:管理员  From:本站  Click:616  Add-Time:2015/3/25 11:38:34

Parents work hard for long time, children should express their gratitude, therefore, choose a suitable jadeite is a good choice to show our filial piety. As early as 2000 years ago, people used jade for medical care.Such as Shen Nong's Herbal and Compendium of materia medica were recorded as: jade is capable of“to solve the sunstroke, help for agitated, profit the lung and throat,nourish hair,support five organs,quiet heart,disperse blood vessel,improving eyesight”, and so on curative effect; there're 106 kinds of healing method of jade as internal and external administration. There's also records as:if take jade for long,bear cold and summer-heat, no hunger,not old fairy. According to Bo art treasure net Mr. wang introduction, based on the analysis of modern biology, physics, chemistry analysis, many jade contains ten kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese, etc.Because the jade is the best storage of “air”, therefore often wear jade can make jade trace elements through the skin suction into the human body, which can balance Yin& Yang, and blood disorders,ward off disease and good for health.


Jade possess special "photoelectric effect", in situation of little pressure, cutting, and in the process of grinding,which can make this effect store energy and form a "electromagnetic field", and emit a far infrared wave that can be absorbed by human body, and then induce strong resonance of water molecules of cells in the human body, cause slight massage, improve microcirculation system, so as to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, activate cells, adjust the precise operation of main and collateral channels and blood, enhance rapid response, improve the immune function of human body.


Miss gao from Bobao art network told us that the old saying as, someone keep jade, jade foster person.Often wear jade can make therein trace element absorbed by human body skin, help for each organ physiological function of coordination and balance.Elders often wearing jade, can play a massage health care function, benefit for health. This is the so-called“jade foster person”.

Bobao network expert introduced, when purchasing a jade stone, pay attention to the authenticity.If you buy a fake it not only cause economic loss, and possibly hazardous to your health.There's the method of using chemical etching method to produce antique color.These chemical reagent are usually strong acid such as chemical reagent.After produce false jade color and grey skin, the surface is coated with floor paint, crystal paint, epoxy resin, etc. If the human body skin contact with such false jade for long time, dropsy and tingling, itching, exuviate,etc.So in the face of a variety of jade, collector should become careful.

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