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Implication of jade pattern

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There is a jargon in jade line, called “jade require work; work should deliberately; meaning auspicious”.Auspicious patterns came from the people's beliefs, folk tales, harmonics and metaphor of animals and plants, etc.Only by understanding the Chinese traditional culture, will have a broader understanding of jade designs.Auspicious figure is a kind of Chinese traditional decoration art graphics by animals, plants, birds, fish, objects, people, in the form of graphic and homophonic as auspicious symbol.Shows the desire, pursuit, hope and yearning.Such as long life: express by pine, stone, peach, turtle, cranes, etc;Blessing: with bat,bergamot,etc; Happiness: with the magpies, spiders, etc.

Riches and honour, peony, etc;
Auspicious, with dragon, phoenix, kylin, etc;
Ruyi, ganoderma lucidum, etc;
Homophonic as fish:surplus also;
Lotus;commonly getting rich;
Insects,cicada: zen, blockbuster,rich.still like winter cicada.
Plants, such as gourd: blessing; Melon: fertility and the flourishing;Cabbage: wealth.
Fish, octopus, getting wealth from anywhere;Crab: walk along the world;

1.The Buddha, Buddha bless for safety, meaning by the blessed of Buddha. Maitreya is often based on a bigger model, is the embodiment of troubles - prefer to laugh for what's not good, and pardon all the hardness of the world.
2. The dragon: the embodiment of auspicious, auspicious dragon hook, dragon and tiger, have great ambitions for one's child, the dragon came out of water,show great power.
3. Big stone: moral the festival;
4. The sheep: smug, three sheep implication three Yang kaitai.
5. Chrysanthemum: meaning macrobiosis chrysanthemum live.
6. The goose: calligrapher xizhi like goose,and develop the way of using brush naturally,obtain a degree in civil examinations
7. Cicadas, cicada hanging on chest, make a great coup. Cicada hanging the waist, getting rich.
8. The bear: moral heroes who fight with the eagle.
9. The turtle: peace tortoise or longevity.Moral turtle with crane meant for long life.Horned tortoise is longevity.
10. Shrimp: curved.(forward) dynamic, steadily raised;(back) take a step back, brighter sky to have.
11. Pig: everything goes well with wealth.Moral dragon, and Han prince named Liu zhi, zhi in Chinese characters,the meaning is pig, it's also a dragon. 
12. Toad: toad are the harmonics meaning of money, commonly seen toad's mouth with copper wire, the moral meaning as wealth and rich. Moral spittor send treasure with cherry bay together meaning for obtaining a degree in civil examination.
13. The phoenix: auspicious incarnate, together with chinese parasol tree, meaning for a big good begining.
14. The goddess of mercy: bless peace, guanyin mercy and purdue beings, the embodiment of deliverance.
15. Crane: moral meaning of prolong life.In ancient, it mean that manager take charge or promoted to higher place.With pine trees with implied meaning of macrobiosis.
16. Ganoderma lucidum: longevity meaning.
17. Samantabhadra: namely the tathagata, is the father of the Buddha.
18. Dharma: there're commonly as dharma crossing over the sea, and so on modelling.Dharma faced nine years of wall, to cultivate morality.This is China's early progenitor of zen.He was the first Indian missionary to came to China.
19. ChungKuel: to reward good spirits.The modelling is often used to catch ghost.
20. The monk: two boys and two fairy. The hop-pocket monk is Maitreya.
21. The monster: with bats, copper wire, and the magpies for blessing and hapiness meaning.
22. Badger: implication with joy.
23. The lion: express brave, and two lions implies all the best.A large and a small lion implies a ancient taishi taibao , meaning for a high position and powerful, case-dough.
24. The magpies: two magpie implies double happiness, meaning joy with badger.Moral good together with the leopard.The magpies and lotus have moral for repeat joy.
25. The god of wealth: a thriving of business.
26. The eight immortals: ensemble all show their talent.The eight immortals is zhang guolao, lu dongbin, han xiang, xiangu, iron lee, zhongli, the prince's maternal uncle cao, lancaihe.Sometimes with the eight immortals holds a fetish implies the eight immortals or sweet.Eight kinds of multiplier is gourd, fan, drum, basket,flower basket,the plate, flute, lotus, sword.
27. The orchid: with sweet osmanthus for meaning of all good, which also implies with good offspring.
28. The plum flower: with the magpies meaning for meaning of very happy.The pine, banboom and pulm flower together meaning for three durable plants of winter.
29. Reindeer: to avoid evil spirits and with blessing meaning.With officer moral promotion.
30. Kirin: avoid evil spirit and have good luck.Auspicious beast, only appeared in the new millennium.Kirin, dragon and lion: avoid evil spirits and welcome blessing.
31. The bat: blessing for the good message.Five blessing and a word shoud or peach, implication wufu to give longevity, five blessings. With copper meant for blessing in front. Meaning happiness is immense with sunrise or waves.With cheongwan meant for blessing.
32.The mythical wild animal: the pronunciation as(PI xiu).Meant for fortune and only get not contribute.It is said that the mythical wild animal is the dragon king's nine prince, it is staple food of gold and silver jewelry, splendidness, so is deep the jade emperor and the favor of the dragon king.However, eat many to have loose bowels.One day, can't help but anywhere defecation, offend the jade emperor, a slap down, the results hit the bottom.Therefrom, treasure only in not out.The story spread, and then the mythical wild animal auspicious beast is seen as a thriving business beast.The mythical wild animal sleep like idly, every day it's the best pick up and touch, and have some fun, like to wake him up, money will follow.According to records, the mythical wild animal is a beast, as one of the ancient five benevolent beast(dragon, phoenix, tortoise, unicorn, the mythical wild animal), called lucky five auspicious beast.Legend help yanhuang two emperor to win battle, was dubbed as “emolument beast”.It is for imperial guard treasure usage, referred as the offical treasure.And because the mythical wild animal likes eating beast evil spirits, so it is also called as exorcise evil spirits.Ancient Chinese feng shui scholars believe that the mythical wild animal is a disaster for the auspicious beast.The mythical wild animal has 26 kinds of modelling, 7749 incarnation, its mouth is big, big belly, no anal, eat only and not give out, symbolize to gather wealth widely.And it also can exorcise evil spirits for town house to ward off bad luck.
33. The elephant: collection of joy or happiness.Together with the bottle for propitious and safety meaning;With good luck together as meaning of be as lucky as desired; the walking of elephant is also the walking to success.
34. The parrot: in pairs, for happy and harmony meaning.
35. Peach: longevity and blessing.
36. Carp: happy every year, the fish jump over for better life.
37. The goldfish, meaning for whole audience.
38. Beans: four seasons beans.Rich beans.
39. The gourd: blessing, receive goods, prevent dispreferred affection, blessing.
40. Bergamot: live, windfall, a pearl in the palm.
41. The mice and money: counting money
42. A legendary dragon: legend dragon that without horn, also called legendary tiger.
43. Bottle: or vase, implication of peace.With quail and Ruyi implication peace and good wish.
44. Lily, lily with persimmon moral Pepsi.Luck and often took 45. Cock: five chicks implies five sub-ka or teach child.
46. Grain: happiness and peace.
47. LianHe: with plum blossom meaning as have a good life.With the carp which means for years.The birth of with sweet osmanthus.A pair of lotus implication BingDi concentric.
48. Bamboo: bamboo safe and lucky bamboo.Bamboo ok or now rising, stripes, hugely increased.
49. Persimmon: all the best.Open the ancient philosophers 51. Pomegranate, pomegranate, many children.
52. Peony: riches and honor peony, riches and honour peace of depression with the bottle.
53. Water chestnut: moral, moral and spring onion together clever.
54. The crane: implication bon voyage, with lotus implies even all the way.
55. Crab: across the world, eight party to gain.
56. Kite: moral rise or percussion.
57. The monkey: promoting to a higher position, with the horse immediately sealing hou.With printed seal hou resignation.Big monkey monkey back moral generation generation hou.
58. Bang: a good man, with copper or toads spittor or moral bang play called fairchild present a treasure.
59. Accidentallyalso a red almond: jinshi and meaning.
60. Spider: happiness consists in contentment;A heaven sent fortune.The partial goods.
61. Persimmon: all the best, everything is fine.
62. Quail: peace. With chrysanthemum, fallen leaves implies a good and prosperous life.
63. The cod fish: big head and fish body, it's from carp that swallow Dragon's Orb, which means that be the champion.
64. To ward off bad luck: a kind of legend beast.Head with horns, like a lion, winged.In the meaning of divide evil.
65. Peanuts: live forever.
66. The duke guan: pioneering the business man.Good faith first, reputation foremost.
67. The leaves: for business, that is, successful career and academic success.
68. Gecko: will be happy.
69. The beatles: rich as croesus, very good son-in-law.
70. The peony: riches and honour flowers, riches and honor peony.
71. The longevity old: safe and peaceful.
72. Peace buckle: go in peace.
73. Passepartout: various unimpeded.
74. The four seasons flower: four seasons of peace.
75. Nail valley lines: emblazonry that commonly used in ancient bronze and jade artifacts, moral good harvest and rich life.
76. Appropriate for children: commonly used words in jade pendant.Hemerocallis fulva is nepenthe implies for benefit descendant.
77. Twined branch lotus, for riches and honour meaning.
78. The mangnolia: well proportioned.
79. Lark drawing: birds pay homage to their king.
80. Fairyland: taihu modelling.The song dynasty calligrapher MiFei like a piece of taihu lake stone.Implication scholarly family, moral character.
81. Getting a new lease: jade carved to rotten wood and buds.
82. Perfect Conjugal Bliss: peony and the moon.
83. Rapture: the badger and the magpies.
84. Fish gain profit: moral for auspicious and lucky.
85. Kirin offer book: Confucius save kirin and gain a book, study hard for a better man.
86. The friendshipe of gentleman: ganoderma lucidum and bluegrass.
87. Honest and upright: a lotus stem or stems of lotus leaf.
88. Black dragon to teach child: a big a little dragon or fish such as carp jump high for better living.
89. The dragon have nine sons: legend said dragon have his nine sons, each has their own taste, favor taste, favor water, favor fire, favor aggressive, favor weight, favor money,favor patrol, favor roar, favor food, favor defend.They are straining (shaped like a turtle, bear weight. Around of the palace, ancestral temple, mausoleum are visible to view it bearing tablet. In all kinds of statement give straining generally first rank of nine children. legendary dragon, like to look in all directions, are often arranged on the roof of the building,open mouth to swallow, and a sword for fixation.Surname,with a rock temperament, like music, also love roar.Used for decoratition on the top of the bells of ancient musical instruments.A Surname, be in charge of punishment,usually decorate on cell door. Lion, with Buddhist nature, like gone with honor, seen frequently in temple.A mythical ferocious animal,like to eat,the taotie design is always used for bronze ware from Xia and Shang Dynasty.Angry stare, irritability, and represent the idiom “seek revenge for the smallest grievance”,used on handle of weapon, or loop of tail end.The kind and gentle, like a clamp,docile temper, infantile autism, so arrange for keeping the knocker.A mythical wild animal, only collect and never give to others.
90. Rise three-level for no reason: three halberd in the vase.Meaning for have a surplus.
91. On promotion officer: grasshopper standing on the cockscomb flower.
92. Officer for promote: crane fly sunrise or officer person refers to the sun.
93. Promote in short time: crane fly high or the officer for good meaning
94. Wen Ji belong to the Han, the Great Wall desolate, generation of romantic women desire to have the historical moment, frozen in the plaintive music.
95. Zhaojun going out of the frontier: legend is the fairy wang zhaojun to quell years of war of han and Hungary.
102.Suwu tending sheep: Su Wu wild take care for sheep of nineteen years, firm and unyielding, with justice.As of a high national integrity.
103. The age of poetic: pine, bamboo and plum.Moral trouble friends.
104. Three durable plants of winter: snow, the plum flower, banboom, implies trials and tribulations.
105. Go over the snow in search of plums: snow-covered landscape,plum blossom,character.
106. Rhinoceros plenilune: meaning of expecting.
107. The Chinese zodiac: everything is satisfactory, amulet, to ward off bad luck, pray for peace and happiness.
108. The immortal to play chess: completeness of everything, amulet, exorcise evil spirits, to seek happiness.
109. The rat: rap songs
109. The cow: turn things around
110. The rabbit: feel proud

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